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After closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics Navtej Kohli had rejoiced during the Paralympics opening ceremony and feels that be great moment when he was there to cheer handicapped sportsman. But Navtej Kohli also want to ask that why the Paralympics are not fabulous as like as Olympics. Its need to be big concerns when we are promising to live equally.
After giving grand opening and closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008 China again gives big attraction to world’s eye on the glittering ceremony of Paralympics on date 7 sep 2008 and the place was "Bird's Nest" National Stadium with the message that all life has value and dignity.
Its be happen from era to era that handicapped had suffered negligence and discrimination from the society but Paralympics were starts to make a aim of humanity and peace and motto is "One World, One Dream" and "Transcendence, Integration, Equality." Ceremony of Paralympics was started on 8:00 pm (1200 GMT ) after Dynamic countdown . Fireworks made the stadium rocky and dark black sky as like flag-waving crowd screamed and shouted in anticipation.
While Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave their respectable witness with Chinese President Hu Jintao and gave big clap to the athletics entering in the futuristic stadium with the great roar of proud and happiness. Moreover more than 91,000 crowd were to cheers this great moment. But there are something that noticed by everyone and can make China unhappy . This was when team of Iran and Taiwan was entering the crowd was clapping and enjoying with shouting slogan of joy and proud , but when China team entered into the ground suddenly shouting anti china slogan and shouted . "China. Go!” Flashlights were zooming the ground and people are enjoying with stunning break drop to the three-hour show. Near about 300 girls dressed white color
Tens of thousands of flashlights formed a stunning backdrop to the three-hour show, during which 300 deaf girls performed a sign language dance dressed in white.
Twelve-year-old ballet student Li Yue, who lost her left leg in the devastating Sichuan earthquake earlier this year, captivated the crowd, dancing from her wheelchair.
Chinese President Hu Jintao then officially declared the 13th Paralympic Games open before the crowd watched spellbound as gold medallist Hou Bin, in a wheelchair, pulled himself up on a rope to the roof of the stadium to light the flame in the show's denouement.
More than 4,000 competitors from nearly 150 countries and regions will battle for 472 gold medals in 20 sports at the eye-catching venues used for last month's Olympics such as the "Bird's Nest" and the Water Cube.
"There are more countries than ever, more sports than ever and more athletes than ever. This is great news for the Paralympic movement," International Paralympic Committee President Philip Craven said earlier Saturday.
Host China, which topped the medals table at the 2004 Athens Paralympics with 63 golds ahead of Britain and Canada, is widely expected to dominate again -- and even more comprehensively than at last month's Olympics.
Aside from China's seemingly inevitable domination of the Games, much attention will focus on South Africa's double amputee track sensation Oscar Pistorius -- dubbed "Blade Runner" due to the specially adapted carbon fibre blades with which he has won a host of titles.
Carrying the flag at the opening ceremony for South Africa was Natalie du Toit, who finished 16th in the women's 10 kilometres marathon swim in last month's Olympics.
The 20 sports at the Paralympics, which ends on September 17, include athletics, swimming, powerlifting, wheelchair fencing and two versions of football -- five-a-side and seven-a-side -- as well as the lesser-known goalball and boccia.
China's motto for the Paralympics, comparing it with the Olympics, is: "Two Games with Equal Splendour."
Although China will pull out all the stops to produce a stunning event, the Paralympics takes place in a country in which the disabled have long suffered discrimination in social, education and employment sectors.
Authorities have made Beijing more friendly for disabled people by, for example, setting up the country's first fleet of easy-access taxis and making famous tourist spots such as the Great Wall accessible to wheelchairs.
And huge efforts have been made to show that China is treating the Paralympics with as much importance as the Olympics, including keeping draconian anti-pollution measures in place.
Like the Olympics, the Paralympics have not been free of scandal and there will again be a focus in Beijing to stamp out any cheating.
But the IPC's Craven said he was looking forward to clean Games.
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Navtej Kohli finds that there are much of excitement and joy during the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008 . Also Navtej kohli wishing to next Olympics in 2012 in England .
After 16 days of near-flawless logistics and superlative athletic achievement, world most prestigious Beijing Olympics Games announced to be closed with grand closing ceremony on 24-Aug-2008.
Remarkable closing ceremony started with torrents of fireworks and included a pulsating show-within-a-show by London , which will host 2012 Olympics games .The performer was taken by double Decker bus to the stage , Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page played classic rock hit "Whole Lotta Love" and football big star David Beckham booted a ball into the surrounding throng of athletes on the stadium floor. Many other classical musical lyrics also were be played to make ceremony more beautiful and Olympic flame atop the stadium was extinguished.
China had keep his promise to make this Olympics event remarkable and glorious, many controversies and protests by Tibetan make some problem and raise many question, moreover while Bush was set-off American Olympians , many human rights protesting and urging to wipe out American team from China Olympics . But despite many problems Beijing Olympics very successful and many athletics break and create new records. Especially China dominated in Athletics and won many Gold Medals and showing their world class performance, also Beijing was very peaceful and enjoyed foreign visitors.
Moreover Beijing Olympics names will be remembered for ever because of this Olympics give two best players to world who showed their best forever performance in Olympics as well as makes many records . First name is Michael Phelps who win eight gold in swimming and made five world records and break near about five previous world record also Jamaica's ebullient Usain Bolt who won three gold medal in race and makes three world records and now be fastest runner on the earth
"Tonight, we come to the end of 16 glorious days which we will cherish forever," IOC President Jacques Rogge told the capacity crowd of 91,000 at the National Outdoor Stadium, and a global TV audience. "Through these Games, the world learned more about China, and China learned more about the world."
"These were truly exceptional games," he said, before declaring them formally closed.
Liu Qi who is the head of Beijing organizing committee said games were were "testimony to the fact that the world has rested its trust in China." He called them "a grand celebration of sport, of peace and friendship."
Yet it’s true that Rogge and the IOC both criticized by human rights groups and challenge the Chinese government for press freedom and detention of dissidents. Also many athletics makes many political comments over that matter which makes Beijing like "protest zones".
But at last the atmosphere was very cheerful and stadium was full of cheers and firework was on that makes event like more joyful. After playing National Anthem of China by Army personals, a numbers of gaily dancers acrobats and drummers swirled onto the field, then made room for the athletes, strolling in casually and exuberantly from four different entrances.
China had invested more than $40 Billion to makes world most prestigious game most fabulous and remarkable , especially cheerleaders many person claming that Beijing Olympics cheerleaders much affected with IPL cheerleaders winning feature and what more Olympics telecast achieved record ratings in China and United States.
Some Scenes of Beijing Olympics 2008 Closing ceremony

8:00 PM: When the Chinese watches showed 8:00 , first Chinese National Anthem was played then Fireworks started
8:15 p.m. Hundreds of women swirling in bright yellow dresses with elaborate silver headdresses and necklaces. Armored, Robocop-style men swinging from cables. Lighted bicycles carrying an enormous extra wheel—looks like a combination of a bicycle and unicycle. The most unfortunate fashion moment so far goes to the guys wearing baggy, short-sleeved red jumpsuits that look like they’re made of PVC, with gold breastplates.

8:30 p.m. The flag bearers come out, one representative (plus one security guard) per country, in the same order that they appeared in the opening ceremony (according to the number of strokes in the first character of the country’s name in Chinese). They are followed by the athletes rushing in, mugging for the cameras, taking pictures with their own cameras, free to mix and mingle. Their antics are interspersed with shots of stone-faced cadres in their front row seats.
On a stage in the middle of the field, women drummers are wearing more red plastic jumpsuits and matching biker caps. A boy and a girl sit facing each other, banging away on drum sets.
8:30 p.m. The flag bearers come out, one representative (plus one security guard) per country, in the same order that they appeared in the opening ceremony (according to the number of strokes in the first character of the country’s name in Chinese). They are followed by the athletes rushing in, mugging for the cameras, taking pictures with their own cameras, free to mix and mingle. Their antics are interspersed with shots of stone-faced cadres in their front row seats.
On a stage in the middle of the field, women drummers are wearing more red plastic jumpsuits and matching biker caps. A boy and a girl sit facing each other, banging away on drum sets.
8:45 p.m. Time for the fashion parade.
The Canadians are wearing loud red-and-white shorts. Team China gave up on its tomato-and- scrambed-eggs blazer look in favor of the more casual ceremonial outfits by Adidas. Close up it looks like a noisy crowd but from a distance one can see the chaos is well managed by troops of flag waving attendants.Then we start to hear the familiar medals ceremony music—time for the very last medals, for the men’s marathon, which concluded earlier in the day.Followed by a speech from IOC president Jacques Rogge, who calls these Games “truly exceptional.”

9:00 p.m. Here comes London! The last public England-China handover we know of was back in 1997, when Hong Kong was returned to the motherland. Now we’re moving in reverse, to the tune of “God Save the Queen.” A choir of children sings (or perhaps lip-syncs) the Olympic anthem.
This is accompanied by the Olympic flag being lowered and the entry of Beijing mayor Guo Jinlong and London mayor Boris Johnson. Next comes the ceremonial Olympic flag waving. Guo holds it first, struggling to unfurl the wrapped flag. He passes it to Rogge, who waves it like a man who’s done this many times before. Rogge, in turn, transfers it to Johnson, who seems to struggle with it a bit, attempting to straighten out the fabric of the flag with his hand.

9:15 p.m. The Beijing opening ceremony was so impressive, it makes people wonder how London could possible top it. Now it’s time for a glimpse of the Olympics through the next host’s eyes. A red-double-decker bus, a multi-cultural line (or “queue”) of commuters with newspapers and umbrellas in hand.
The top of the bus unfolds. Is it becoming a tank? No it’s a stage. Inside—Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page, rocking out to “Whole Lotta Love.” The acoustics aren’t great, but it sounds like Lewis is really singing. The “commuters” strike poses below. Looks like we may have a more theatrical, though smaller scale, London opening ceremony to look forward to.
David Beckham pops out of the top of the bus, and he kicks a ball into the crowd below, where a Chinese attendant appears thrilled to pick it up. Beckham is accompanied, oddly enough, by a skimpily-clad violinist (tank top and blue short shorts) and a bass player in basketball gear.

9:25 p.m. Three athletes climb a movable staircase of the type that gets you into an airplane, except there’s no plane in sight. Then we see one circling on the screens that line the inner rim of the Bird’s Nest. They pull out a scroll, and the images above them turn to highlights from each of the Olympics’ 17 days. The Olympic cauldron goes out.

9:30 p.m. The athletes on the stairs have disappeared. Taking their place is a cylindrical tower which more Robocop-suited performers are climbing. It looks like a human pagoda, then fluttering coral, or a jellyfish. Now they look like anemones, then an ant colony. It reminds us of the people power behind the success of the Beijing Games.

9:40 p.m. Another round of impressive fireworks, followed by several singing performances. Taiwanese-American pop star Wang Lee-Hom kicks it off by singing “I Love Beijing” with a group of others.
This is followed by a bilingual duet between Placido Domingo and Chinese singer Song Zuying. We are distracted by the improbable silver lace dress worn by Song. It looks like she’s wearing a chandelier around her neck.
More singing, and worse outfits—a hot pink prom-dress run amok, followed by half a dozen women in flashy Chinese gowns.
9:45 p.m. Men wearing light-up jumpsuits fly overhead. Do they look like airplanes, or runways? The grand finale features singing by the big stars of Cantopop: Jackie Chan (so much more than just kung fu), Andy Lau, Karen Mok.

9:50 p.m. We spot a bit of protest within the crowd of athletes. Several women have written “Softball 2016” on their arms. The camera zooms in for a close-up.

9:55 p.m. Finally Fuwa! They were banned from the opening ceremony, but now the cuddly mascots are making a last minute appearance. The men up on the pagoda are waving little Fuwa dolls around, and then a group of plush mascots come out to dance. Now if only Yang Peiyi and Lin Miaoke would get a second chance to sing together.
That won’t happen here. Instead, there are more fireworks to close it out.
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Navtej Kohli always like fearless and transparency in the games because games are the symbol of friendship and peace .Sometimes like doping , revenge , killing and abusing disappoints game organizer. Navtej Kohli has recently came to know about ages problem regarding the Chinese gymnasts age problem who had already win Gold medal in different games.
Many complains against Chinese gymnasts age related problem had received by International Olympics Committee who also request the gymnastics federation to further look into make sure that no such type of irregularly and discrepancies will be acceptable in future which be causes of other player moral down they feel some biasness . On date 22-Aug-2008, International Olympics committee ask to international gymnastics federation regarding the eligibility of Chinese gymnast He Kexin and other two gymnast , because complain had been received by IOC which states that they are not eligible to compete and too young to play in Olympics who wins gold in gymnast Beijing Olympics 2008 .
IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies told to media person for this inquiry "You shouldn't regard this as a formal investigation, but we have asked the international gymnastics federation to look into a number of questions and discrepancies on these cases," also he had told "We have been working with the [Chinese] national federation to really have a full clarification on this topic. We did discuss it earlier in the Games, and we believed we had addressed the issue."
Moreover IOC had make the age limit for playing in Olympics is 16 or above. IOC further asked that if it will be find any proof regarding Age issue , then it will return back all the Gold medal . Moreover she had narrowly beat Nastia Liukin of the United States for the gold. She also has a team gold medal. Also there are much possibilities that her all team mates stripped their gold medal. The seriousness of this events came into the light when some articles on Times of London said, documents which was posted by Chinese sports agencies on internet revealing that she is not 16 . This British article was based upon Web report by a computer security expert claming that he had documents. In these documents it’s was mentioned clearly that he was born Jan. 1, 1994, though the passport China submitted for Olympic entry listed her birth date as Jan. 1, 1992.
The same question had raised by New York Times and Los Angeles times last month , which also raising issue related to ages of Chinese athletes. These news had been deleted from the websites so long. Also Chinese news agency stated previously that, Chinese sports federation official as saying that He was 13 and a 2012 Olympic prospect. He also reported that She was started her training at the Ditan Sports School in Beijing in 1997 when she was either 3 or 5 year old . "I don't know who is her mother," said Shang Chunyan, who trained He for three years at Ditan. Shang refused to talk about He's age, referring questions to officials with the Dongcheng District of Beijing, which oversees the school. Some accounts says that , Some accounts say He's mother is an employee in the psychological research unit of the elite Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. Bulletin board postings list her mother's name as Yang Xiaoyan. The academy said Yang was on vacation and could not be reached for comment.

Wang Wei of the Chinese Olympic committee said the matter of athletes' ages was looked into and the athletes in question had been cleared to compete.

"Eligibility has already been investigated by authorities in the international federation," Wang said. "If the athletes hadn't been cleared, they wouldn't have participated."

U.S. officials welcomed the news of the inquiry."USA Gymnastics has always believed this issue needed to be addressed by the FIG [the international gymnastics federation] and IOC," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "An investigation would help bring closure to the issue and remove any cloud of speculation from this competition." In addition, documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times gave ages of 13 or 14 for gymnasts Yang Yilin and Jiang Yuyuan as recently as last fall. When the Chinese gymnastics federation turned in passports to FIG, He's age was listed as 16. On the documents, Yang and Jiang also had varying birthdays.

FIG spokesmen insisted throughout the gymnastics competition that it was not the federation's job to be investigators and that as long as a country was able to issue a valid passport for an athlete, FIG would do no further checking.

Among Chinese sports fans on the Web, there is a vigorous debate about not only the gymnasts' age but also the ethics of lying.

One writer on a popular Tianya news site accused the Western media of "making a fuss to demonize China," but most contributors expressed the desire to have the gymnasts' true age revealed.

"I hope my county will win gold medals, but the rest of the world must be convinced," wrote one contributor.
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Navtej Kohli noticed that many countries improving their performance in Beijing Olympics . Also Navtej Kohli gives big claps for those who are wining medal for his first time in Olympics.
Beijing Olympics gives much rejoice for everyone because many counties win like Bahrain . win Bahrain , Rashid Ramzi gives matter of proud and rejoice to his country when he win First Olympics medal in Beijing Olympics medal in men 1500m race . Rashid Ramzi finished his task in 3:32.94.
Ramzi bided his time among the chasing pack until 200m to go, when he powered home. His strength and form held, despite pressure in the last 100m from Asbel Kipruto Kiprop of Kenya.
Silver medal was claimed by Kiprop who had finished race in 3:33.11 and the New Zealand fast racer Nicholas Willis won second Athletics medal for his nation who work hard in last 20n seconds to get his Bronze medal in 3:34.16. Kiprop had been the early race leader, going straight to the front from the bell along with Ramzi and Daham Naim Bashir of Qatar.
While Kiprop was on 800m he was crossed Augustine and increased his pace . Ramzi and Bashir followed his break before Ramzi broke with half a lap remaining. Kiprop appeared to have been run out of contention, but showed great strength to work his way back into the medal positions.
Once Ramzi and Kiprop had crossed the line there still remained four runners in contention for bronze, but it was Willis who had the greater pace for the finish.
The success career of Rashid Ramzi full of struggle, six year ago he was fighting for his career in morocco , after that he was moved to Bahrain and then easily get citizenship, and then he had won Gold Medal for his country.
That was be Great moment for Bahrain and Ramzi , 1500 men race in Beijing Olympics and Ramzi did his job very well .But in the Gold medal some part of Morocco have to claim , because Ramzi still train there , which training gives many champions like Hicham El Guerrouj
"The gold medal is a great honour to Bahrain and the Arabic world," Ramzi told who was thanking Bahrain and their citizens for cheering his gold medal . Kenyan teenager Asbel Kiprop won Silver medal but gives tough fight to Ramzi but at last he have to calm with Silver medal . New Zealand fast pacer Nick Willis won Bronze medal to defeat Frenchman Mehdi Baala in 3:34.16.Also giving New Zealand second medal in fast running after 1976 John Walker's gold medal .Although Willis is a product of the US scholarship system and trains in Michigan, it was a hugely proud achievement.
"I know this is a unique moment for New Zealand, and I just can't wait to get on the medal stand," told by . Nick Willis "I was crying after the finish there, thinking of all the people that sacrificed so much for me. My brother came out to America and coached me for the year. My wife worked to support me. And this was the first year of our marriage."
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Navtej Kohli heartiest congratulation to Michael Phelps who won 11 Gold medal in Olympics and make a Miles tone in world history and swinging. Both Americans and North Carolina State University having proud over Phelps for his glorious achievements. Navtej Kohli also want to express that many other games still having much medal to win and hope soon we celebrate new world records and also rewarding him with new name "WATER MAN"
What makes Michael Phelps differ from other swimmer and hot news of all most all worlds famous news paper is that his successful winning track and now number had reached to 11. Before that four person who had made world record after winning total 9 gold medal in Olympics . Few days ago Phelps had just reached to stand in the row , when many news paper claiming that soon he will be first place leaving behind all four and now it became true.It is probably now safe to say that the kids at school who bullied Michael Fred Phelps for having big ears did not have the last laugh. Now the Michael Phelps having 11 Gold medal and five world record in world of Olympics sports and he is now just age of 23 which be another amazing and hope still exist that he wil play in next Olympics to make more achievements . No one in the world had made such record , he had got medal in 200 metres butterfly and then as the pacesetter in the 4x200m freestyle relay.
Now this just 23 old "Baltimore Bullet" overtakes Carl Lewis, Mark Spitz, the Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi and the Soviet gymnast Larysa Latynina, who had claimed 9 gold medals in world of Olympics. On date 10 August he had won his Gold medal No 7 in 100m butterfly, where his compatriot Ian Crocker – the world record holder over the distance – will provide a stiff challenge.
Phelps' swimsuit-maker, Speedo, long ago offered him a $1m (£536,000) bonus if he could win seven or more gold’s in one Olympic Games. Water Cube pool gives a place where he made history.
Only one record had remained to break which we hope Michael Phelps will broke in next Olympics , Spitz's seven gold swimming medals at one Olympics Games. Spitz clocked world records in every gold-winning race on the other hand Michael Phelps also gave his extraordinary performance.
Many news paper figure out his swimming style and find there are much potential and stamina in the Michael Phelps diving and he makes perfect combination of-race,eat,sleep, repeat.
He made world record in 200 m Free style and finished his target in just 1min 52.03sec, many interesting point is that his Google was filled up with water and he was unable to see , but he showed his extraordinary performance and break the record by 0.06 seconds . After wining Gold medal Michael Phelps told to media “"I had difficulty seeing the walls," he said. "I wanted a world record. I wanted a 1min 51seconds or better but under the circumstances, it's not a bad result." Not bad, Mike. Better next time, eh?
Before that he had shown his swimming capability in 4x200 m and completed his share with in 43.31 seconds and give remarkable lead to team 2.64 seconds and big cause to win Gold medal.
Michael Phelps told to media after his glorious victory "I'm almost at a loss for words. To be the most decorated Olympian of all time, it just sounds weird. I am speechless. It started to sink in after the butterfly. I was trying to focus on my next race, but I kept thinking 'Wow. Greatest Olympian of all time.' It's a pretty neat title and I'm definitely honoured. An Olympic gold medal stays with you for ever. It never gets old, listening to your national anthem with a gold medal around your neck."
To put that in some context, the 11 Games golds Phelps has won already since 2004 comprehensively outdoes the six that Britain as a nation has won in the pool in the last 70 years.

Some interesting and amazing facts about water man Michael Phelps
2004 Athens
400m individual medley 4.08.26 (world record)
100m butterfly 51.25 (Olympic record)
200m butterfly 1.54.04 (Olympic record)
200m individual medley 1.56.14 (Olympic record)
4x200m freestyle relay 7.07.33 (national record)
4x100m medley relay 3.30.68 9 (world record)
2008 Beijing
400m individual medley 4.03.84 (world record)
4x100m freestyle relay 3.08.42 (world record)
200m freestyle 1.42.96 (world record)
200m butterfly 1.52.03 (world record)
4x200m freestyle 6.58.56 (world record)
200m individual medley (tomorrow)
100m butterfly (Saturday)
4x100m relay (Sunday)
World famous Olympians who wins many Gold medal
Michael Phelps (US) Swimming (2004, 08) 11 Golds
Paavo Nurmi (FIN) Long-distance running (1920, 24, 28) 9
Larysa Latynina (USSR) Gymnastics (1956, 60, 64) 9
Mark Spitz (US) Swimming (1968, 72) 9
Carl Lewis (US) Track & Field (1984, 88, 92, 96) 9
Bjorn Daehlie (NOR) Cross-country skiing (1992, 98) 8
Birgit Fischer (GDR/GER) Canoeing (flatwater) (1980, 88, 92, 96, 00, 04) 8
Sawao Kato (JAPAN) Gymnastics (1968, 72, 76) 8
Jenny Thompson (US) Swimming (1992, 2000) 8
Matt Biondi (US) Swimming (1984, 88, 92) 8
Ray Ewry (US) (Track & Field (1900, 04, 08) 8

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Remarking about Beijing Olympics games Navtej Kohli speaks that “China makes his promise and giving the remarkable and memorable welcome for all Olympians.” Navtej kohli also enjoyed fireworks and artist performance make a pleasant moment.

Million of people around the world mark own presence either physically, or even though TV, internet. Also many people had seen giant footprints outlined in fireworks processed gloriously above the city from Tiananmen Square on the giant screen inside Bird's Nest National Stadium.

Many people while watching opening ceremony over TV , they hard to be believed that which they were watching was a real picturesque .Because many person were in be believes that these are computer graphics which are made previously and inserted at right time .

Outside the stadium, fireworks are real , officials filming the extravaganza decided in advance it would be impossible to capture all 29 footprints from the air. Which is visible from the camera stands inside the Bird's Nest was captured on film. While taking about visual reality , Gao Xiaolong , head of visual team for the for the ceremony , describe they prepared near about 1 year for making 55 seconds sequence .

Many efforts had made to make this unnoticeable sequence , with the help of meteorological office as to how to recreate the hazy effects of Beijing's smog at night, and also inserted slight camers through helicopter to catch the scene .
"Seeing how it worked out, it was still a bit too bright compared to the actual fireworks," he said. "But most of the audience thought it was filmed live - so that was mission accomplished."

Main problem which was facing that is that where to be placed helicopter in right place to take 28 footsteps in one row. Even many controversies arouse for this work like , one of the advisor of the Beijing Olympic Committee (BOCOG) defended this act and told that It would have been prohibitive to have tried to film it live," he said. "We could not put the helicopter pilot at risk by making him try to follow the firework route." But at last final decision which was taken by by Beijing Olympic Broadcasting, the joint venture between the International Olympic Committee and local organizers, having right to feeds and broadcast events around the world . Mr Gao also invited online comments over that arrangement and also remarks that, if any mistake would be hazardous for viewers.

Many people around the globe had witnessed this beautiful events and also commented over blogs that they never seen such like fireworks and artist performance attire with colorful and stunning dresses.
Some other attraction is tat - more than 16,000 performers, mostly from People's Liberation Army song and dance troops.

"That certainly showed China's unique character," which was posted in an comment. "Namely, that we have 1.3 billion people."
Much of the person near about 90,000 fans , had there to watch most eye-catching architectural marvels in the history of sports stadiums and near about 1 Billion people had seen through TV, World biggest Olympics opening ceremony .
What make this event very glorious was that a 10-second countdown – though this countdown merely came before the start, supplied by 2,008 drummers in a percussion-rhythm section called the “Fou Formation.” “Fou” is basically China oldest drum and most favorable musical instrument; hear a long percussion novice practicing the Fou on a weekend morning. Fou drummer, wear beautiful traditional dress at old college-football stadium card sections, sure worked for a crowd of 90,000.
Li Ning , rode a suspension wire to ignite Olympics Flame , under the semi-enclosed roof of the “Bird Nest” with a skill and passion which involve much of difficulty. A succession of optical illusions created by technological wizardy – stuff that’s best called magic – was abetted by the precision of 14,000 performers, 9,000 from the Chinese Army.

“I have never led such a huge team,” artistic director Zhang Yimou said Friday. “You may not be able to see their faces clearly in this grand stadium…but I know how hard they have worked for tonight.”
Much performer work together to make this ceremony as remarkable and assure everybody around the world that Beijing is capable of inviting the world into its front yard. Fireworks performance around the city is most creative and attractive a, when all the fireworks moved towards the stadium , the fireworks shone up like the footstep of an giant running towards the Bird's Nest along the main axis of Beijing city from south to north. Lightening of cauldron another striking feature which left images in everybody mind. So spectacular and imaginative with this, walking around the top of Stadium to ignite the cauldron. Besides ceremony Chinese people also impressed everybody. Some initial figure also revealing that near about five million people watched ceremony of Olympics on BBC. Some experts also says that “due to time difference between china and other counties the viewers counting was down as compared to Athens Olympics. Views of US were very irritated when they not getting live telecast of the ceremony. NBC TV Network having right to show opening ceremony in US, for attracting more and more viewers that reschedule their broadcast into evening. Many US people irrigated over that and a person make a blog comment to complain “It sort of feels like the entire world is attending a huge party and NBC threw away our invite,"

Near about 2,008 drummers, beating holy tattoo of light and sound. As the drummers formed a staggering numerical display – like the LED train timetables at Euston, but made entirely of people – Edwards reached deep into the bran-tub of his brain. "That," he said, "was quite something."

The opening moments of the games – with fire fizzing round the rim of the stadium make some impartial moments. There was also computer generated clocks which begin countdown for new Olympiad and attract everybody who were witnessing, china Olympics ceremony.
The main, attracting are performer dresses sometimes wild sometimes traditional and sometimes full of imagination which attracts everybody.
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Navtej Kohli having very keen vision to take sports and other events which are made specially for joining communities, countries and continents. Olympics is a also be such kind of sports which made for specially for making peace and joy around the world. Olympics Logo which having five entangled circle showing unity of five continents.
Basically Olympic is multi sports games which are divided into summer and winter Olympic. Before 1992 winter and summer Olympic held in same year but after that they bare scheduled to be in such manner summer in the first year of Olympiad and winter in thired year of Olympiad. Olympiad is nothing but 4 year time interval. Originally first Olympic games (Greek: Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες; [Olympiakoi Agones] ) was held in 776 in Olympia, Greece , which was ended in the year of AD 393 . Greek poet and newspaper editor Panagiotis Soutsos first shown his interest for restarting Olympics games and Evangelos Zappas sponsored the first modern international Olympic Games in 1859. He paid for the refurbishment of the Panathinaiko Stadium for Games held there in 1870 and 1875. Pierre Frédy, Baron de Coubertin is a person who had taken many initiates to start International Olympic Committee in 1894 which organized first Summer Olympics games in 1896 in Athens, Greece which having athletics around the world .

Some controversies exist for deciding the origin of ancient Olympics Games . But many are in the believes that Heracles was the creator of the Olympic Games, and built the Olympic stadium and surrounding buildings as an honor to his father Zeus, after completing his 12 labours. He walked 400 m straight and called that distance “stadion" (Greek: στάδιον, Latin: stadium, "stage ) that’s why stadium track is 400 meters in circumference . Also there are on more beliefs that ‘date of the Games' inception based on the count of years in Olympiads is reconstructed as 776 BC, although scholars' opinions diverge between dates as early as 884 BC and as late as 704 BC’ . After that Olympics game were very popular and had reached to zenith in the 6th and 5th centuries BC.
The Olympics were of fundamental religious importance, contests alternating with sacrifices and ceremonies honouring both Zeus (whose colossal statue stood at Olympia), and Pelops, divine hero and mythical king of Olympia famous for his legendary chariot race with King Oenomaus of Pisatis, and in whose honour the games were held. Person whom was winner immortalised in poems and statues , Game are scheduled to be held after four year and difference between two celebrations known as Olympiad.
When Roman are in the Power in Greece Games had lost its importance After Emperor Theodosius I proclaimed Christianity the religion of the Empire and banned pagan rites, the Olympic Games were outlawed as a pagan festival in 393 AD. There are restriction on athletics while taking part in Olympics such are only young man can participates , and participants had to nude and winner participant had to wore olive leaves crown .
Even though the bearing of a torch formed an integral aspect of Greek ceremonies, the ancient Olympic Games did not include it, nor was there a symbol formed by interconnecting rings. These Olympic symbols were introduced as part of the modern Olympic Games.
Navtej Kohli brings quick review of Olympics games and places where it was held and in which year .
Olympic Summer Games:
Athens 1896
Paris 1900
St Louis 1904
London 1908
Stockholm 1912
Antwerp 1920
Paris 1924
Amsterdam 1928
Los Angeles 1932
Berlin 1936
London 1948
Helsinki 1952
Melbourne / Stockholm 1956
Rome 1960
Tokyo 1964
Mexico 1968
Munich 1972
Montreal 1976
Moscow 1980
Los Angeles 1984
Seoul 1988
Barcelona 1992
Atlanta 1996
Sydney 2000
Athens 2004
Olympic Winter Games:
Chamonix 1924
St. Moritz 1928
Lake Placid 1932
Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936
St. Moritz 1948
Oslo 1952
Cortina d'Ampezzo 1956
Squaw Valley 1960
Innsbruck 1964
Grenoble 1968
Sapporo 1972
Innsbruck 1976
Lake Placid 1980
Sarajevo 1984
Calgary 1988
Albertville 1992
Lillehammer 1994
Nagano 1998
Salt Lake City 2002
Turin 2006

Some more interesting facts by Navtej Kolhi
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